Why Zebulon?

It seems a fair question, but if the answer expected is some dirty revelation about this wonderful community in North Carolina, it will be disappointing. Zebulon, NC was selected solely through chance by Raif Wolfe. Seeing the sign for Zebulon on his many road trips on I-95, the name just captivated him. During one commute Raif decided to take a detour and check out this place called Zebulon. What he found was a great community with such diversity and friendly people that it made sense that it be the setting for this project. It was such an impressive locality that even after photographing and filming areas for site references the town name made it into the title.
Zebulon, NC
Zebulon Fact 1
Zebulon owes its existence to the decision made by the Raleigh and Pamlico Sound Railroad Company, which decided to bring the rail through a dense pine forest between the Whitley and Horton family farms in 1906.
Zebulon Fact 2
On February 16, 1907 the Town, consisting of 297.5 acres, was officially recognized as Zebulon, North Carolina. The Town was named after Zebulon B. Vance, the North Carolina Governor during the civil war..
Shoot Locations
Since the 1970 census the Town's population has grown from 1,830 to its current population of 4624. While it continues to grow and prosper, Zebulon still offers a close knit community environment and it remains "The Town of Friendly People."
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