Our Heroes Need Your Help Now

Soldiers suffer many wounds and after affects from war. The alienation from family and friends for many months while being deployed in an area where you know you're not welcome can create enormous stress. Upon return there is often a need for the Veteran that goes beyond what the government provide. The organizations linked below rate high in providing services to Vets and their families, often at no cost. Please consider a donation. Every dollar helps. As always, investigate any charity you donate to. Ensure your good intentions and expectations are met.

With the July 2016 report released by the US Government stating that Veterans NOT enrolled in a VA programs are 39% more likely to commit suicide than those who are, we need to take those near us and help them acquire assistance should they be confronted by addictions, financial burdens, preyed upon by anyone stripping them of finances/medication etc., as well as physical and mental illnesses and ailments including any unusual daily activities. These folks did not sit on the sidelines when called to serve, we need to realize the price they continue to pay and how our involvement can be the difference between a productive and healthy returning soldier, and another sad statistic that makes their contribution to our way of life nothing but a tick of a pencil on paper.
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