Character Bio's

Joe Jackson's service in the US Army had him see action in the depths of the jungle in Vietnam. He found that friends were fleeting, either being wounded, killed or transitioning in and out of his unit. Still, those friendships were firm, and when shoulder to shoulder against a relentless foe, he couldn't have handpicked a better group of soldiers to stand with. Joe had several hobbies, had settled down into his little home, and drove his older than dirt car to appointments and errands.

Brian Harris fought a different type of war. IED's, an enemy that shielded itself among the civilian population and atrocities committed that left heinous massacre scenes in the streets wore heavily in his mind. He also suffered a devastating injury that cost him parts of his body. Still, his mind was strong, his will even stronger.

As courageous as each of them were on their own, this war could not be won with an individual effort.

This story was created by Raif Wolfe because of his discovery regarding our returning warriors. The storyline weaves through many of the core challenges facing Veterans, and brings to life several fictional characters to present the struggle in a realistic view. Currently Raif is in pre-production of the project intended for the screen. If successful, a percentage of profits will be earmarked for reliable Veterans organizations.
The Brothers Zebulon is the culmination of many years of personal research and enlightenment by the author, Raif Wolfe, into the challenges that our returning Veterans face even beyond the obvious physical complications many have suffered. There are numerous wonderful organizations established, along with renewed and focused efforts by the Veterans Administration, prepared to address these concerns. The Brothers Zebulon is a fictional story based on many factual occurrences transpiring among our honorable men and women who served their country. Utilizing reliable sources and personal interviews, as well as established facts obtained through published reports, this story sheds light, and hopefully increases participation, to help Veterans. God Bless America, and watch over our Vets.
The Brotherhood
Soldiers have a camaraderie that forms between them. There is no race, no gender, just a common goal. To be victorious, and leave no one behind.
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