The Brothers Zebulon

Two American veterans from the same small town in North Carolina that served in different wars come together to fight the ultimate adversary. The enemy seems relentless, but Joe Jackson and Brian Harris refuse to give up, give in, or let their brothers down.

The Brothers Zebulon is the story of two soldiers dealing with extremely similar issues and how they fight to overcome the enemy. Joe and Brian, despite their differences, pull together and never surrender.

They can't surrender.
The Deeper Trauma
Long after the dust has settled, many veterans find that their battles continue.
Hard Facts
Veteran Homelessness, Drug and Alchohol Addiction & Dependency as well as Suicide.
Production Partners
Striving to publish and produce this story has become a unique partnership.
About the Story
The Brothers Zebulon is a fictional story that focuses on real challenges that many US Veterans face every day. Please consider donating to one of the charitable organizations of your choice that help them.
Different Places
Different Battles
Same War
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